☀️Ramping up for a great Summer!☀️

May 17, 2022

Holy weather batman, these double digits are giving us the feels! Is the warmer weather here to stay..we sure hope so! We love patio season and with the newly enhanced sidewalks, we are going to see more patios opening up on Main Street in Huntsville. 

We don’t have a crystal ball but it looks like we’re heading towards a more balanced market. A reminder for both buyers and sellers: It’s extremely difficult to “time the market”. If you’re planning to purchase look for properties that fit your needs with a high likelihood of long term value regardless of timing. If you’re thinking of selling it may take longer to find a buyer (less multiple offer situations occurring lately) but sale prices are still at record numbers. Just our two cents but feels like a good news story on both sides!

In this edition:

  • Are Muskoka hospitals getting a revamp? 🏥
  • Blind Bidding- will it help the market slow down or is it a benefit for Sellers? 📉
  • Muskoka 2/4 Craft Beer Festival is back! 🍻
  • We some incredible new listings in Huntsville on the way: A newer purpose built legal duplex and a 73 acre bungalow with 1.5 car garage   

News and Updates

A few great articles to enjoy

– Province announces a $14-million hospital investment for Muskoka. Learn more about the redevelopment plan here.

– Has blind bidding come to Ontario –  the government is giving sellers the option of disclosing the details of competing offers, but not banning blind bidding altogether. Read more about how this might affect you, here.

– Council has voted to continue to allow short term rentals in Bracebridge. The Doppler outlines the good and the bad in this article.

– Is another interest rate hike headed our way? The National Observer thinks so, this article discuss the possibilities of whats to come. 

April Market Stats

Want stats more specific to your area? Click this link for a more detailed report or reach out and we can create a custom report just for you!

Must See’s In Muskoka

This month in Muskoka, check out the Muskoka 2/4 Craft Beer Festival, Muskoka Earth Festival and head over to Huntsville’s Festival of the Arts website and get your tickets for this years awesome summer line up!

Muskoka Earth Festival
An event to inspire! Learn about the region’s ecology and how to preserve it for future generations by embracing earth-friendly living.
Bracebridge Fair Grounds – May 28th, 2022

Huntsville’s Festival of the Arts
The 2022 summer line up has been announced! Get your tickets while you can. 

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Cheers, Dave